CueStack go Beyond the Veil with Elation
Monday, 26 November 2018
cuestackBeyond the Veil ‘shows a dystopian vision of the new digital age’
Austria - Modern metal/electronic band CueStack recently released their third effort in a series of debut music videos that features a sophisticated industrial stage design packed with 170 high tech lighting units from Elation Professional. Beyond the Veil shows a dystopian vision of the new digital age and uses the intricate set-up as both performance lighting and impactful visual accompaniment.
"Big production is essential to this project and the lighting design plays an essential role,” states Martin Kames, owner of Austrian-based production company and vocalist/synth player in the two-man project. “Beyond the Veil deals with modern day issues but it’s also a huge lighting-themed visual experience.” The video can be viewed at
Kames works double duty on the video shoots, operating behind the camera on lighting and set design then moving in front of the camera as vocalist and synth player. Because Kames stocks an abundance of lighting, video and trussing equipment in his warehouse in Vienna, he was able to overcome any limitations for the music video designs and create a look that fulfilled his vision for the project.
The stage design, which also featured in the band’s previous video releases Alive and Dehumanize, is made up of 36 Sniper 2R multi-effect lights, 40 Lumina Matrix LED matrix panels, 16 DARTZ 360 LED beam/spot luminaires, 48 Chorus Line 8 and 10 Chorus Line 16 pixel bar wash luminaires, and 20 Paladin hybrid effects. Also included are other LED lights, as well as discharge moving heads, other effect lights and LED video displays.
(Jim Evans)

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