CONTRIK Harting E16 / Schuko‘XO’ Power Strip Multicore box
Europe - CONTRIK showed a comprehensive range of new Power Multicore solutions for the first time at ISE; offering the professional AV and lighting, and broadcast and film location production sectors a wide range of power connectivity solutions from new multicore cable and stringer box series, optimising power cabling costs and complexity in the field.
The new range of Power Strip Multicore ‘stringer boxes’ launched at ISE, comprises six models with Harting E16 connectors, providing for 6 channel single phase breakout, or breakout and daisy chaining, on Neutrik powerCONTRUE1 TOP or Schuko Type F connectors.
Models are designated as offering either ‘X’ (Xtreme protection) or ‘XO’ (Xtreme Outdoor protection). ‘X’ providing high mechanical (IK) protection and ‘XO’ high mechanical (IK) and high environmental protection, allowing for the seamless connection of loads in both indoor and outdoor application environments.
CONTRIK’s proprietary Easylen housing ensures the high IK mechanical protection (up to IK 10+) with high levels of flame retardancy, temperature resistance, UV protection, corrosion insensitivity and non-conductivity.

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