Party time in Genoa with Outline
Thursday, 6 June 2019
party-timeThe event was staged at the RDS Stadium in Genoa
Italy - Following last year’s success, in 2019 the RDS Stadium in Genoa again hosted
Behind the consoles, there were some of the most popular DJs of the moment: Dennis Ferrer, Marc Maya, Milkborg, Toni Varga, Anabel Sigel and Federico Guttadauro, so sound quality played a fundamental role in the successful outcome of the event, promoted by RST Events of Genoa. The audio rig able to meet the requirements of the world-level event was supplied by Show Technologies TM of Recco (Genoa) with an Outline system.
Sacha Bozzo, partner with Show Technologies TM, explains: “For the PA, we adopted a solution we’d already successfully used in the location in question, which comprised two hangs each with 12 Outline Butterfly systems, positioned approximately 10m above the floor and 15m apart, plus two groups of three Outline Mantas modules, stacked left and right and six Mantas modules on front-fill duty.”
PA man Giancarlo ‘Jerry’ Paladini continues: “This type of event, featuring techno music with DJ sets, has reached production costs of tens of thousands of euros, to the point of being comparable with rock concerts with medium/large artistes. Consequently, the performance expected by artistes and promoters from the rigs has increased considerable. Many DJs arrive with their own sound engineer, who has the job of checking the systems’ performance and, if necessary, making any changes to achieve the required results.”
To reduce the space occupied by the 20 Outline DBS 18-2 subwoofers deployed, they were positioned under the stage, divided into two groups of nine in end-fire configuration at the sides and the remaining two positioned in the centre to optimize distribution.
As well as ensuring a “cleaner” stage zone, without foregoing a more enjoyable impact for the front rows of the audience, this enabled an increase of at least 3/4 dB of dynamic headroom on the low frequencies. The subs were powered by Outline T11 and T9 amplifiers.
Paladini enthuses: “I would say that the result achieved was really exceptional. The sound pressure was very high and well distributed over the entire floor of the venue with an impeccable quality, and we managed to reduce to a minimum the reflections due to the venue’s walls, thanks to the great directivity of the system’s components.”
(Jim Evans)

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