The Naval Academy of Livorno
Italy - Prolights Mosaico series illuminated the main facade of the Naval Academy of Livorno with the colours of the Italian flag. Spazi Sonori Live, the company responsible for implementing the project, faced numerous technical challenges to complete this emblematic initiative, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of Prolights products.
The request was to permanently illuminate a 25x25m facade with LED lights in the green, white, and red colours of the Italian flag while adhering to strict technical and environmental constraints, including resistance to marine conditions and the need for angular projections without compromising uniform coverage.
After careful evaluation, Spazi Sonori Live chose the Prolights Mosaico series. They used two Mosaico L projectors for the green and white colours and one Mosaico XL projector for the red colour, harnessing their precise beam modulation and keystone correction capabilities for optimal projection, even from complex angles.
These IP65-rated floodlights, suitable for outdoor applications in harsh conditions like marine environments, enabled uniform and vibrant illumination of the Naval Academy facade, creating a symbol of national pride visible from a distance.
The Spazi Sonori Live team commented: "Thanks to the versatility and innovation offered by Prolights, we successfully overcame complex technical challenges, completing an installation we can take pride in."
The new lighting not only celebrates the historical and cultural significance of the Naval Academy of Livorno but also establishes itself as a point of reference for the city, illustrating how LED technology can enhance architectural and cultural heritage.

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