RCF extends NX Series with three new models
Friday, 16 July 2021
rcfThe NX 9 series consists of three new models, ranging from 10" to 15" woofers
Italy - RCF has added three models to the NX Series portable audio system series. RCF engineers have merged purpose-designed transducers, a constant directivity waveguide, FiRPHASE processing, and newly-added Bass Motion Control algorithms, all driven by a powerful amplifier with 2100 Watts Class-D technology. Durably built in a rugged wooden enclosure, NX 9 is tour-ready, and delivers ‘remarkable audio performance and versatility to any professional audio application’, says RCF.
Now 50% more powerful than previous models, NX 9 manages high sound pressure levels, says RCF. The amplifier is energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan. The circuit is attached to a solid aluminium heat exchanger in the back of the unit with no moving parts. Performance improvements are enabled by the new 1.75" compression driver with Polyimide-Kapton dome featuring a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs. The combination of purpose-designed woofers and the constant directivity waveguide produces coherent coverage on the listening area.
These components work in harmony with two RCF exclusive DSP algorithms, one for phase linearisation and crossover design, the other for woofer excursion management. FiRPHASE allows for a coherent distribution of sound without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies to the system. With proprietary FiRPHASE technology, the new shape, and the placement of the vented ports, the speaker now acts as a single source for a true sound image.
The woofer excursion management feature, Bass Motion Control works by creating a complete map of the dynamic behaviour of the transducer, to generate a custom algorithm that only limits over-excursions. This gives total freedom of signal reproduction, avoiding both high-pass filters and large-band limiters. The speaker is now allowed to reproduce the input signal at all volume levels for the entire audible spectrum, maintaining all nuances of the music with deep, detailed bass response.
The NX 9 series consists of three new models, ranging from 10" to 15" woofers, and shares the same 2,100W power amplifier. NX 915-A is the largest, most powerful model of the series delivering 131dB maximum SPL and is able to deliver stable low-frequency response down to 45Hz. NX 912-A and NX 910-A can produce 130dB SPL with clarity and ‘exceptional power to weight ratio’.

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