Slovenia’s Cankarjev Dom boosts Robe stock
Monday, 14 May 2018
robe-cankarjev-domCankarjev Dom technical director Karmen Klučar with Dean Karov from MK Light Sound
Slovenia - Cankarjev Dom – Slovenia’s leading cultural and congress centre - has added Robe Spiiders, plus more BMFLs Blades and CycFX8s to its already extensive stock of Robe moving lights which also includes Pointes. They now have around 150 units.
The largest of five performance venues in the Cankarjev Dom complex is the 1650 capacity Concert Hall and in addition to these are the foyers and two galleries and conference rooms also used for events. It’s both a co-producing and a receiving house staging a wide variety of shows, events all year round, from opera to dance, popular music to choral, orchestra to drama and everything in between. Some venues and spaces are also hired out for corporate events and conferences.
Each venue has its own lighting rig and all of them need dynamic and flexible lighting to deal with the diverse programming, however some kit is also moved between spaces as and when needed.
Adaptability is why they first started looking at Robe, all the way back in 2002, and the inventory has been built steadily over the years since then via a long-standing relationship with Robe’s Slovenian distributor, MK Light Sound.
This latest investment in BMFL Blades, Robe’s signature high-powered range, was the second for these specific luminaires. It came after the initial batch purchased for the largest Gallus Hall, proved themselves invaluable!
The most recent lighting purchases are part of ongoing investments which ensure that the 70% state funded and 30% self-funded organisation keeps moving with the times and is able to offer its wide roster of shows the best possible production values.
The Cankarjev Dom’s BMFLs and Pointes are packaged into neat 4-way dollies so they can be easily moved around to different parts of the complex.
The eight new CycFX 8s were purchased for their brightness, the range of colours that can be created with the RGBW mixing and using the CTO filters.
Across all the venues and galleries, nearly 1100 cultural events are staged annually at Cankarjev Dom, plus over 1000 congress events, including the Slovene Book Fair which alone spawns about 350 events. Altogether, the combined venues are estimated to attract over 480,000 visitors to the attractive Slovenian capital and it’s a big part of the fabric and society of this vibrant city.
(Jim Evans)

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