TMB offers technology and hospitality at LDI 2017
Monday, 13 November 2017
tmblogo-minimalTMB will introduce the new Flare Q+ Rayzr.
USA - At LDI this year, TMB will once again feature new technology in a comfortable, laid back setting.
Following on the success of the Flare and Flare LR fixtures, this year TMB will introduce the new Flare Q+ Rayzr. The Rayzr offers Flare brightness, control, performance, and video-mapping features in a low-profile, razor-thin format. Flexible mounting and joining options are available for scenery, truss, pipe, and floor. Vertically hang coupled units up to 3m in total length. Rayzr has both silent and super-bright modes, and is available in 50 and 100cm lengths.
ProPlex PowerData, a new addition to TMB’s range of popular cables, is the first and only UL-Listed range of integrated data and mains power cables, 100% legal for extra-hard duty usage per NEC 520 and 530. This range of cables is built to a new, collaboratively developed, UL standard. Both flexible and durable, PowerData cables are designed for long-term portable stage and studio use and provide a previously unavailable combination of convenience and assured safety, says the company.
Other additions to the ProPlex range of touring cables are: PowerData Low-Voltage (LV) 8+2, and ProPlex HD/SDI. PowerData LV 8+2 is a durable CAT6/low-voltage hybrid cable, compatible with the new Neutrik 8+2 XLR connector. It provides full Gigabit Ethernet performance up to 85m, in combination with up to 20Amps of low-voltage power. New, easy-handling ProPlex HD/SDI cables are available in RG-6 and RG-59 formats, with flawless 4K performance sweep-tested to 6 GHz.
The newest members of the venerable Grapple family are Grapple Cable Hangers. These truss-mounted accessories conveniently organize cables, keeping them neat, tidy, and segregated.
A full complement of proprietary or exclusive products will be available for hands-on demos. Wireless Solution of Sweden will display the fully-redesigned and upgraded, adaptive W-DMX G5 wireless lighting control systems. Firefly’s premium decorative lighting systems, from Australia, include Fairy Lights long-life, heavy-duty LED Strings and Icicles, Festoon low-voltage LED systems, as well as FloppyFlex and FloppyFlex Digital professional grade LED neon. Also on hand are ProPlex Data Distribution networking systems, Pro Cables.
On Friday evening beginning at 5:30 pm (Booth 1589), TMB will honour their first-ever employee, Tommy Stephenson, with stories, toasts, and general frolic, just the way Tommy would have wanted. No moment of silence for Tommy.
(Jim Evans)

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