Back in action - Amnesia Ibiza
Spain - Amnesia Ibiza, which opened in 1974, has become a leading light in one of the club scene’s key locations and is home to some of the best-known electronic music artists from around the world.
After lying dormant for two years, the venue opened to a packed-out night in late May, which ran for an impressive 18 hours. Amnesia favourites such as Mar-T and Jamie Jones were in attendance, as were the club’s famed dancers, decked out in shiny metallic gear. The night was also the inauguration of the new KV2 sound system in the Main Room – a much-anticipated event since KV2 was installed in the Terrace in 2019.
According to Amnesia’s artistic director and long-term resident, Martin Vega, aka Mar-T, there was never any doubt that the main room would eventually upgrade to KV2. “Like the Terrace, the system in the Main Room had been custom-built for us and served us well for over a decade. However, when we moved the Terrace to a KV2 system in 2019, we were blown away by the difference. Technology has changed and it was time for us to change too. We’d have renewed the system in the Main Room earlier, but the pandemic got in the way. However, it gave us the time to do things properly and now we’re back with a vengeance and loving it.”
The brief was simple – to deliver the same audio experience in the Main Room as for the Terrace. The system was designed by Stefano Trevisan from Plusmusic International, a multinational sales and consultancy firm that specializes in event venue development though AV technologies. With headquarters in Switzerland and operations in Ibiza and the United States, PLUSMUSIC has a portfolio of world-renowned nightclubs, event venues and production partners to its name that made them a natural partner for the project.
The system is based around nine of KV2’s ultra-slim, wide dispersion, three-way active SL412s coupled with four VHD8.10 low mid modules and no fewer than nineteen VHD2.18J subs from the company’s flagship VHD range for the main dancefloor area. A variety of EX15s, ESD10s and ESD12s act as fills for the balcony and VIP areas.
“Our aim was to deliver the best possible sound throughout the venue, and especially on the dancefloor, projecting a strong bass presence where it is needed most,” explains Trevisan. “For the rest, the watchwords were unrestrained clarity, flexibility, and power. I think we have achieved that.”
Amnesia’s regular and resident DJs have noticed the difference. Marco Farone has played the club more than most this summer, and he says, “One of the most important updates Amnesia did this year is the sound system. Both rooms are now sounding incredible - warm and dynamic. I was really surprised by the sound in the Main Room; it’s now one the best sound systems I’ve played on so far.”
CAAL is also a regular at the club, and he adds, “This is the perfect sound system for our Main Room. I love to be able to listen to music in its purest state, from low to high frequencies, without any processes altering the sound. That is exactly what KV2 delivers.”

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