The development of the BP3600 included nearly three seasons of extensive prototype testing at MotoGP
UK - Audio-Technica has announced scheduled availability in Europe and the UK for its recently launched BP3600 Immersive Audio Microphone. A broadcast audio tool capable of capturing stable, three-dimensional sound beds at sporting events, concerts, movie sets and more, the BP3600 will be available for purchase from May 2023.
The development of the BP3600 included nearly three seasons of extensive prototype testing at MotoGP, the Grand Prix motorcycle racing Championship, in conjunction with commercial rights holder Dorna Sports S.L., which has made the microphone a core audio component of its future programme broadcasting.
Audio-Technica’s Rod Thomaz, project manager for MotoGP says: “As audiences expect and demand a more encompassing audio experience in their listening environments, the need for real-time live immersive mixing is only going to increase.
“The ongoing design and technical feedback that we received from the Dorna Sports audio team was both invaluable and instrumental to our fast development of the BP3600, allowing Audio-Technica to be well-placed to deliver the tools required at the beginning of that immersive signal chain.”
The microphone has eight compact capsule assemblies with high-frequency characteristics integrated into the body while remaining compact and lightweight enough for single-operator usability and easy setup. Direct routing is also possible, with no need for additional decoding or latency processing with 5.1.4-channel speaker layouts. This practical broadcasting solution captures realistic sound that will bring the recording location directly to listeners without the need for extensive equipment.
The BP3600’s eight microphone modules extend from the body to form a cube with 15cm (5.9 inches) between each microphone assembly. Each microphone assembly in the eight-channel near-coincident array is equipped with a 12mm (0.47-inch) hypercardioid capsule to produce ideally separated, discrete signals and deliver immersive audio experiences with ample spaciousness.
The BP3600 comes standard with eight dedicated windscreens and a microphone stand clamp with a 5/8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter. The microphone can be quickly disassembled and placed in the included case for easy protection during storage or transportation. Additional accessories, including Rycote BBG Windshields for increased noise protection and Rycote BBG Windjammer synthetic fur covers to attenuate extreme wind noise, are sold separately.

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