AC-ET ProLights on ice in Blackpool
Monday, 2 October 2017
blackpool-iceThe spectacular fast-moving live performance has just come to the end of a successful run
UK – The latest production of the Hot Ice Show has just come to the end of a successful run at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena, with the majority of the lighting coming from ProLights fixtures.
Billed as “a dream brought to life by the stunning lighting that reflects the mood and magnificence of each scene”, this year’s design featured 20 new ProLights Luma 1500 LED luminaires purchased by the venue from A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) to replace aging discharge fixtures. Delivering 26,000 lumens, each Luma 1500 is the equivalent of a 1,200W discharge fixture, but has a power consumption of only 650W.
Amanda Thompson, managing director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said, “It’s great working with A.C. Entertainment (Technologies) to get the best in stunning lighting and customer care.”
Andy Mahaffey of AC-ET’s external sales team said, “The challenges of lighting the Ice show require a bright, feature rich, and versatile fixture. The Luma 1500 is one of ProLights' flagship products and ticks all of these boxes. Michael Seaman, the show’s lighting designer, has used them to great effect, helping to create a visually stunning and dynamic show.”
At the Arena, the Luma fixtures join ProLights Diamond 19 moving head LED wash lights with individual pixel control, Jade moving head hybrids, and Prime moving head beam lights.
(Jim Evans)

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