The Magna Tube effects from ADJ.
USA / Europe - The new ADJ Magna Tube utilises a magnetic adapter and a lightweight design to offer users a new column lighting alternative to standard uplighting and PAR effects, the company says.

The Magna Tube is a lightweight but durable acrylic tube which combines with ADJ par cans to form a distinctive glowing-tube effect. Using its four strong magnets, the Magna Tube can be secured firmly to the metallic housing of any Flat Par or WiFLY Par fixtures, slotting easily into the included magnetic gel-frame adapter.

Ideal for mobile lighting users, the Magna Tube weighs just 1.6kg and each tube is 39in tall and 5.9in diameter (1008x208x208mm), making them easy to store in the back of the truck, while the included rubber covers ensure protection during transit.

The Magna Tube is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.


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