AeroAVA is pitching its drones as a more sustainable alternative for outdoor displays
UK - Aerial visual arts company AeroAVA marked the official flight launch of its new fleet of high-performance drones on Coronation Weekend with a 100-drone display featuring a coronation motif.
The event was held on 6 and 7 May at the company’s new test and demo home at the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) headquarters in Buckminster.
In March, AeroAVA received final certification from the Civil Aviation Authority to provide displays for outdoor events, broadcast entertainment, public celebrations and marketing campaigns in the UK.
Company co-founder Tom Rees said: “Since receiving official CAA approval we’ve been getting enquiries from a wide range of clients - from broadcasters, events owners, marketing agencies and tourist attractions, so we were delighted to officially kick off our 2023 season on such a historic weekend by crowning the event with a special tribute to the King and Queen.”
Selected industry guests were invited to the BMFA HQ to witness drone demo flights and receive a behind the scenes tour of AeroAVA’s design and flight set-up process.
Rees told guests: “We programme the drones centrally – all carry the same flight plan to create a moving array of pixels, which morph into logos, shapes or words. Animation and transitions between 3D objects are readily produced using our proprietary design and pre-viz software. We fly up to 500 drones as standard which covers a wide range of creative requests which our design team translate into stunning shows.
“Each aircraft carries 900-lumen RGB LED, giving the swarm high visibility in the sky for filming and allowing spectators to view from distances of many hundreds of metres.”
The fleet is based in the UK with coverage across Europe, North America and elsewhere. The company can supply hundreds of aircraft for events regionally reducing transport costs and minimising carbon emissions from road and cross-continent air freight.
AeroAVA is pitching its drones as a more sustainable alternative for outdoor displays because they produce no combustion gases or noise. Battery-powered, they create no residual debris and are reusable, leaving the performance space exactly as found.

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