The feature has been successfully implemented at select shows, including Moulin Rouge! The Musical
UK - ATG (Ambassador Theatre Group) and Preevue have announced the expansion of their View from Seat service to all UK ATG venues.
Following the successful implementation of the feature at select shows, including Moulin Rouge! The Musical at London's Piccadilly Theatre, Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, ATG will now roll out this feature across all its UK venues. This service provides ATG customers with the ability to preview the exact view from each seat in every venue during the booking process, enriching the theatre-going experience overall.
Preevue's digital twins (3D models of ATG’s venues) are used to power the View from Seat system. The company’s experts utilise LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser scan data of the venues, accurate down to millimetres, to construct detailed 3D models of each venue. This technology offers an accurate visual representation of each seat's view, bringing confidence to customers.
The 'View from Seat' service is expected to bring more transparency and satisfaction to customers, increasing overall engagement and loyalty, say the companies.
This partnership reflects a broader trend towards the integration of technology into the arts and entertainment sector, a movement that has been accelerated by the challenges of the pandemic era.
Preevue’s managing director, Ryan Metcalfe, says: “The partnership between Preevue and ATG to expand the View from Seat service across all UK venues is not only a testament to our commitment to driving innovation in the theatre industry but a significant expansion of Preevue's digital twin and production visualisation work. With our advanced digital twin technology, we're taking data and tools that were previously only available to producers and sharing them with theatregoers.
“We're taking audience engagement to new heights, allowing patrons to virtually step into their chosen seats before the night of the performance. The ability to preview the exact view from each seat empowers customers with choice, enriching the entire theatre-going experience. It's a new era for theatre, blending the magic of tradition with cutting-edge technology, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformation.”
ATG’s chief product & technology officer, Richard Zubrik, says: “As the UK’s leading theatrical ticketing platform, we’re committed to using technology to continually level-up the online ticketing experience. We’re thrilled to launch View from Seat nationally, in partnership with Preevue, to help more audience members make informed choices about the right seats for them.”

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