‘The D7 is designed and priced as a workhorse console’

Germany - The new Avolites Diamond 7 (D7) lighting console was shown publicly for the first time at PL+S in Frankfurt, with two variants on the stand – the D7-215 and the D7-330 – both running on Avolites latest Titan v17 software.

This initial product launch has enabled the Avolites team to gauge reactions and glean valuable feedback ahead of the full launch, planned for later in the summer.

The reactions were “overwhelmingly positive” stated Avolites MD Paul Wong, delighted with the comments and enthusiasm he’d received from Avo users who came from all over Europe as well as further afield like Asia, Australia, South Africa, and Latin America.

Avolites benefitted from additional footfall of people visiting the Robe stand, especially to catch the live <I>Power of Imagination</I> performance show which was also programmed and run from an AVO D9-215 console.

“The customers were genuinely amazed by the D7 range, they loved the portability, flexibility and touch and feel of the interface, especially the integrated illumination of the rear connection panel. Furthermore, they think it’s great value and that we are hitting the right price point!”

In addition to all the interest and excellent feedback, the Avo sales team took multiple pre-orders on the stand which was “mind-blowing and completely exceeded our expectations,” stated Paul, such was the buzz and excitement generated by the product.

The D7 is designed and priced as a workhorse console that will unlock more creativity for designers, programmers, and operators. It sits above the Avolites Classic Range – the Tiger Touch II, Arena, Sapphire Touch & Quartz – and offers many of the larger D9’s most popular time-saving and handy features.

“We believe D7 is an excellent investment, that will be an everyday go-to product appearing regularly on touring specs,” underlines Paul.

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