Ai S8 servers fed IMAG screens with content such as fashion shoot clips, awards and winners graphics
UK - Avolites Ai S8 media servers completed an elegant makeover of the London Coliseum, draping the stage in video content for the British Fashion Awards, held to celebrate the contributions of British designers, creatives and models over the past year.

The glitzy event, attended by some of the biggest names in British fashion, was set against a backdrop including a main projection surface of eight Panasonic projectors blended to create a 6598x830 screen.

Ben Miles used two active Ai S8 servers, with another two used as reserve and programming systems. Another 1920x1080 HD feed to the camera PPU fed the IMAG screens content, such as fashion shoot clips, awards and winners graphics, mostly created by StrangeBeast.

Of the two active servers, one had the UI and three outputs and the other, the UI and two outputs, all outputting 1920x1080 at 50Hz, beautifully synced together.

"I was happy to utilise the new aspects of V8," says Miles, on the latest iteration of Avolites' Ai software. "The output manager which made chopping the outputs up and re-joining them in the projectors a simple and straight-forward process.

"I turned to the AI servers during the testing process as the server that would deal with the requirements as they mounted and developed. We received unparalleled support from Ai through a very technical and challenging planning and testing process.

"We were really pushing computer system resources to playback so many large pieces of content with alpha channels preserved, but Ai was more than up to the task."

(Jim Evans)

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