Ayrton Ghibli gobo selection help create a sense of atmosphere, location and dramatic perspective in Teatro Nuevo Apolo’s musical production of El Médico. (Photo: © Nacho Arias)
Spain - Madrid is currently hosting some of the most famous musical shows from Broadway, in which French manufacturer Ayrton’s Ghibli spot fixtures are delivering quality light and colour whilst ensuring energy efficiency.
22 units of the popular moving head fixture have been incorporated into the popular and acclaimed musical West Side Story at Madrid’s Teatro Calderón, in a richly-coloured lighting design by Carlos Torrijos and Juan Gómez Cornejo, with lighting production by Proyect-Arte. In this ground-breaking show, the Shakespearean story of Romeo and Juliet is transported to New York, where the Montesco and the Capuleto are transformed into two gangs fighting for control of the streets. In the precisely defined box set, Ghibli’s compact dimensions and pin-sharp framing system provides the ideal complement for this classic of Broadway, full of colour and filled with vintage atmosphere.
In another venue across town, El Médico, the acclaimed new musical based on the bestselling book by Noah Gordon, shines out at Teatro Nuevo Apolo under a total of 17 Ghibli fixtures. Set in the XI century, El Médico tells the story of Rob J. Cole, an orphan who, after years of travelling as a peddler of pain remedies, decides to undertake a trip to Persia to become a doctor. In this stage production by Spika and Escrito en las Estrellas, lighting designer Luis Perdiguero uses Ghibli’s gobo selection to lead the scenography, recreating textures and patterns that are reminiscent of forests, desert dunes and even the majesty of a Persian royal palace.
“The invincible Ghibli has been the most popular fixture among lighting designers in recent months,” says Stonex’s brand manager for Ayrton, Miguel Ángel Valera. “With a low-etendue monochromatic light source calibrated at 6500K, Ghibli is able to produce a light output of 23,000 lumens, all sustained by just 800W power consumption. Bearing in mind its great power, Ghibli has proved itself to be the complete option for any type of show, in medium to large venues.”
According to Ayrton, Ghibli’s versatility is due to its sophisticated colour mix system, providing CMY colour mixing, variable CTO colour temperature correction, a fixed colour wheel with six complementary colours and a high CRI filter, all of which make it suitable for shows that require vibrant colours, either pastels or saturated.
Stonex is Ayrton’s official distributor in Spain with over 38 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the show, entertainment and architectural sectors, encompassing every aspect from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.
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