Grayson Bowron - moving light technician
USA - Bandit Lites has announced the hiring of Grayson Bowron to the production team in Nashville. As a moving light technician, Bowron will be responsible for diagnostics, repair of fixtures where needed, cleaning and learning about new fixtures when purchased.
“We were looking for some help in the warehouse and he came in and just got to work,” shares Bandit Lites vice president of business and innovation Jake Tickle. “There was never a project he wasn’t up for. As time went on, he naturally started taking on more responsibility. When talking to him about his future and what he wanted to do as a career, he mentioned he was interested in electronics, I immediately moved him to the technical services department. There, Grayson really showed his capabilities. He has a great intellectual curiosity and precision about him.”
“With a focus in the last six months in lighting repair, I've become very fond of it, and plan on continuing my focus there,” says Bowron. “I'm excited to learn about the industry on a manufacturing level, and I'm excited to gain even more skills that I can use in everyday life.”

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