Fifty-four Chauvet Professional luminaires were selected for the lighting system
Argentina - A facility named after a living legend must uphold the highest standards of production. Such is the case with the Héctor Cavallero Auditorium, at the Argentine Business University (UADE) in Buenos Aires.
Providing a practice and exhibition room for students of the Bachelor of Performing Arts, the facility is named in honour of Cavallero, current director of the Bachelor of Performing Arts at UADE. Héctor Cavallero is among the most renowned theatre producers in the history of Argentina. Bringing Michael Jackson to the country and inaugurating the shows at Campo Argentino del Polo with Luciano Pavarotti, are just two of his many accomplishments.
With a total space of 500m2, a stage of 80m2, and 190 seats, the new facility at UADE lives up to the challenge of doing justice to this legend, thanks in part to a collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by NASH Ingeniería.
Fifty-four Chauvet Professional luminaires were selected for the lighting system. Included in this group are LED pairs, moving heads and followers. The sound equipment, projectors and automated audiovisual recording cameras were also renewed, which places this theatre at the same level as those most demanding European and North American auditoriums.
In total, six Maverick Force S Spot units were installed, along with six Rogue 1 BeamWashes, eight Ovation E-160WW ellipsoidals, eight Ovation F-145WW Fresnels, 12 COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 linear fixtures, 12 COLORdash Par H12IP pars, and two Ovation SP-300CW followspots.
The auditorium’s fixtures are installed on three poles on the stage, as well as on another structure in front. However, these units can be placed in different positions as required by specific productions or events.
“Chauvet's reliability is evident firsthand in their strong, versatile and require little maintenance,” said Cavallero. “We have contacted theatres that have Chauvet Professional products in their facilities. Everyone has also raved about the technical support they received from NASH Ingeniería. From the moment we first contacted them, we realized that we were talking to a company that maintains the same exacting standards as us.”
The design of the lighting platform for the Auditorium incorporates Chauvet's line of energy-efficient luminaires to improve the quality of light dramatically, opening the door to a host of new creative options.
“The technology developed by Chauvet allows us significant energy savings, and at the same time gives us the flexibility that an auditorium like this calls for,” added Jorge Barcala, CEO of NASH Ingeniería.

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