The Color STRIKE and Maverick units were spread throughout the truss structures

USA - Phoenix Lights 2024 featured EDM performances and light and video show created by Luis Torres on a massive 100ft-wide and 48ft-tall rig. Taking place on the Pheonix Raceway at the end of March, the festival featured performances by the likes of Kaskade, Deorro, b2b, Valentino Khan, Dr. Oliver Tree, Apashe, Alleycvt, Levity and Mamba. Torres channelled their musical energy into stunning visuals with help from 40 Chauvet Professional Color Strike M and 30 Maverick MK3 Wash fixtures supplied by Hardwired Productions.

Like the rest of the lighting fixtures in his rig, the Color Strike and Maverick units were spread throughout the truss structures. Torres did this to create unexpected visual moments and convey the kind of uncertain spontaneity that was in keeping with the festival’s supernova theme.

“I wanted the rig to have different moments and surprises,” said Torres. “That’s why I had lights on the video trusses but also in between the video strips. This way, when video was off, I could have the lighting pop up and fill the gaps.”

Using his Color Strike M fixtures as strobes, Torres arranged them in four rows of 10 units each, having five located on each side of the circular truss that held the main video screen. “As strobes, these fixtures helped give the rig that important width and symmetry,” said Torres. “I like doing this sort of thing in my designs. Having the strobe in rows, open the chance to create some neat chase effects.

“Given that the theme of the show was ‘Phoenix Lights Supernova’, having the Color Strike Ms cover the width allowed me to create effects that could reflect a supernova - an explosion of a star in the galaxy,” continue Torres. “Probably my favourite look in the show was when we had all the strobes on in full output around the circle.”

Torres placed 12 of his Maverick fixtures on each side of the circle. He arranged the high output units in two rows of six pieces on each side of the circle. “The MK3s gave me that bright pop I was looking for in between the video strips. The other MK3 units were used for key light for the DJ and the dancer platforms that were in the outside corner of the scaffold structures.”

Radiating light in different patterns around the circular truss, the Color Strike and Maverick fixtures gave this central video element a floating celestial look that also played nicely into the festival’s theme. The often-surreal images displayed on that video screen conveyed an even greater space-like vibe.

“The main challenge in this show was filling the width and height of the scaffold while making the rigging as seamless as possible,” said Torres. “Once on site the rigging was definitely a fun challenge, but it was able to get done. Shout out to all the techs and crew from Hardwired that put in the hours to build this rig. We created something unique.”

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