Clouseau at Christmas in Antwerp (photo © Dirk Kestens)
Belgium - Painting with Light lighting and multimedia designer Luc Peumans created a multi-layered, colour-rich show for Belgian superstars Clouseau's Christmas dates at the Antwerp Sportpalais, utilising an array of powerfully versatile Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures.

Peumans designed an 'in the round' set, allowing the band to interact with the 21,000 fans that filled the venue to capacity each night. The stage was therefore centrally located, hence the show's name Clouseau Central, with four runways so that charismatic frontman Koen Wauters could get close to fans all over the arena floor. The B-EYEs, supplied by PRG Belgium, were rigged around the arena on the lowest balcony level, or first 'ring'.

"From a practical point of view, I lit the show as if it were a stadium, with several levels of lighting that could work independently or combined with one another," explains Peumans. "The B-EYEs were used for rich and powerful washes, as well as cool twinkling effects."

The B-EYE's front lens can be rotated to create lots of small bright compositions. By adding colours and dynamic graphics, the fixture generates never-seen-before graphic light effects, and is brighter than any LED-wash with the same rated power.

"The brightness of the B-EYEs was excellent for these shows, along with their fantastic colour-mixing," continues Peumans. "They also produced great back-of-camera effects, especially for the wide shots and big sweeps, so they were really invaluable 'all-rounder' fixtures, used for a number of different roles. This was a really amazing project on which to work. I've designed lighting and visuals for Clouseau for many years and each time they do a tour or a series of special shows like this, they are keen to do something refreshing, innovative and different."

(Jim Evans)

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