Three truck-loads of trees were shipped in to construct a lush forest
Australia - In order to entice tenants to the Melbourne's new Eastland Shopping Centre, a cocktail party was held with a Yarra Valley produce theme. Three truck-loads of trees were shipped in to construct a lush forest.

"It seemed that every time we put some lights up, half an hour later they were encased in branches so it wasn't so much a matter of focusing more a matter of pruning," commented lighting designer for the event Richard Grenfell.

Richard wanted a look of dappled light coming through the trees but how to rig a fixture that delivers a fat and wide-angle beam with only a four metre trim in the venue, was a problem. The only fixture that could do this was the Clay Paky B-EYE which Richard used in a static mode.

"If you take the B-EYEs out of their disco / kaleidoscope mode into a nice fat breakup beam and then use the inbuilt effects to very slowly put orange onto a dark orange, it really gives a great theatrical look of light shining through trees," he said. "Clay Paky innovate so many things; they came up with the Sharpy which has taken over in lighting and now they have the B-EYE which I really like. The effects the B-EYE produces are like none other."

Added to the eight B-EYE's were Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700's, using the real foliage as shadows and breakup gobos.

(Jim Evans)

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