Clay Paky's stand was transformed for the occasion into a big film arena
UK - Clay Paky was the Gold Sponsor of PLASA London 2014 and one of the leading players at the event, which saw an excellent turnout this year, especially from Britain.

The company says: "The Mythos made its world première at PLASA 2014 and won a PLASA Award for Innovation. Clay Paky's founder and chairman Pasquale Quadri, who passed away last month, received a posthumous lifetime achievement award [the Gottelier Award]. The Knight of Illumination Awards, created and organised by the Italian company, were more popular than ever and very highly acclaimed. Above all, Clay Paky's new lights were able to reveal their outstanding performance to the world, thanks to a specially set up, thrilling multimedia show."

Pio Nahum, Clay Paky's CCO, reported that "the success of the demo show went beyond all expectations. Not only was the seating packed every day of the fair, but many visitors were able to watch the show even from outside the stand thanks to the width of the screen and the purposely 'open' design of the exhibition space."

The stand was coordinated with Ambersphere Solutions, the exclusive distributor of Clay Paky for the UK. The light show was conceived by Clay Paky's lighting designer, Marco Zucchinali. 'The SuperHeroes' concept movie surprised everyone for its originality and contributed effectively to highlighting the special features of the three new Clay Paky lights.

Supersharpy is a mobile head with ACL beam and 470W / 7800K lamp. This light has proved to be up to three times brighter than its successful predecessor, the Sharpy, with extremely low power consumption in comparison with its light output.

The versatile Mythos is an effects projector with a very wide zoom range (4°-50° / 1:12) and a beam mode with 0.5° beam angle that produces a 170mm-diameter thick parallel ultra-concentrated light beam. The wash won a PLASA Award for Innovation. The jury gave the following reasoning: "In the Clay Paky tradition, it's a real winner. Paky would be proud".

The Stormy applies the latest LED technology to the appeal of a classic strobe effect. A strip of powerful LEDs, enhanced by a parabolic reflector, emulates a Xenon lamp perfectly. It is available in white or RGBW versions.

(Jim Evans)

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