The new airtight XLR connector available from Cliff Electronics
UK - Cliff Electronics has introduced a new latching female XLR socket. This industry standard connector is widely used for audio inputs and is the latest addition to Cliff's range of professional audio connectors. Designed and manufactured by Cliff Electronics in the UK, this latest version of their Airtight XLR connector range is fitted with an integral latch to prevent accidental disconnection by vibration or tension on the cable.

The customary method used by loudspeaker manufactures to make an input socket airtight is use a sealant solution to make both the body airtight in the cabinet and seal the connection pins. This time consuming and messy process is not required when fitting a Cliff Airtight XLR socket, says the company. Cliff Airtight XLR sockets are fitted to the loudspeaker enclosure with a supplied sealing gasket and uniquely have completely sealed connection pins. This not only reduces assembly time and cost but also makes replacement of the connecter a much easier task.

John Hall, general manager at Cliff Electronics, comments: "Cliff Electronics has been providing innovative solutions for the music industry since the beginning of amplified music in the 1970s. We are major suppliers to all the main amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers and work closely with them in to provide UK designed and manufactured connector solutions. Our new airtight XLR connecter family provides a cost and labour saving solution to possible air leakage affecting loudspeaker fidelity."

(Jim Evans)

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