The CyberHoist II system brought a surprising new dynamic show for the European leg of Linkin Park's The Hunting Party tour
Europe - XLNT Advanced Technologies' new CyberHoist II made its touring debut with US nu-metal mega-stars Linkin Park when the band returned to head-banging basics on their sold out European tour, The Hunting Party.

Show designer Michael Fullman worked with event technology supplier, Black Box Music to transfer the show from the USA to Europe. As the show transitioned from the US specified automation system to XLNT's CyberHoist II for Europe, Fullman says he was keen to reinvigorate elements of the original design.

Black Box Music's Moritz Stockschl├Ąder worked closely with the production and says, "It was great to be the first company to supply a full CyberHoist II system in Europe and on such a dynamic and exciting tour. For many reasons CyberHoist II, with its silent, smooth, unrivalled accuracy, proved to be the ideal solution."

Fullman concurs, "We rehearsed in Germany and as soon as we started using the CyberHoist II system I realised I could do much more with my design than I'd originally planned. The system offered considerable artistic freedom and rather than hindering the creative process it actually pushed it forward. There seemed to be no limit to where I could position the screens or how quietly and fast they could travel."

The epitome of arena rock, Linkin Park's set comprised a number of sharply angled semi-transparent video screens, which delivered layer upon layer of dynamic content. The screens also moved up and down above the stage action, sometimes at speed, sometimes more slowly, revealing or masking band members positioned on plinths.

Fullman says that the CyberHoist II brought a surprising new dynamic show, "I wanted to add elements that would echo and complement the huge energy of the band and convey that energy to the audience. CyberHoist enabled us to create entirely new scenic looks and atmospheres, often with phenomenal speed."

Working closely with Fullman and in charge of programming and operation was experienced CyberHoist II operator Ingo Koenzen - "The new CyberHoist II is ideal for touring, primarily because it's pretty much plug and play. Every element is inside the hoist. Best of all we don't have to worry about where to put controller boxes, all I need is power and a data cable for each hoist and we're ready to go."

However for Koenzen the big advantage is also in the fast programming as he explains: "It's really simple, the console surface is so intuitive to use. The whole system is built around object orientated programming using CyberMotion's MotionCue3D operating console, which means I just have to tell the console the height and angle that the object should fly at and when. I don't have to worry about the number of hoists required to move an object or what each is doing, I just have to worry about the object itself."

(Jim Evans)

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