The Aquatics and Recreation Centre Pool at University of Tennessee – Chattanooga
USA - Large indoor facilities can create a challenge for audio engineers, integrators and installers. These facilities typically have high ceilings, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles, high levels of noise, frequent echoes, low speech intelligibility and issues with moisture and humidity. With such poor acoustics and environmental issues, choosing and installing an audio system that can overcome these challenges can be very difficult. University of Tennessee – Chattanooga found this out first hand.
“The Aquatics and Recreation Centre Pool utilised a portable PA system that the department used when needed,” said Ray Soldano, space design technician at University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. “When the Centre’s prior PA was first installed, the pool area was not included. So, when the system began to fail, this space was added so the PA could be heard throughout the entirety of the building.”
Soldano turned to Howard Technology Solutions for assistance in designing the new space. The new installation needed to stand up to the enclosed pool environment while allowing the PA to distribute voice and music through BlueTooth, XLR and other mediums.
“We chose four Danley Sound Labs SBH20LF loudspeakers to meet the need, along with amplifiers, processors, routers and a touch panel from other partners including Crown and Extron,” said Doug Jackson, AV design engineer at Howard Technology Solutions. “We were able to choose the loudspeakers, their placement and the actual down angles needed to achieve the desired coverage of the space using Danley Direct modeling software.”
“Clarity and placement is important in a facility like UT-Chattanooga’s Aquatics and Recreation Centre Pool area,” said Cooper Hedden, southeast regional sales manager at Danley Sound Labs. “The SBH20LF loudspeaker is perfect in this sort of use case. It is a high-fidelity loudspeaker with high directivity providing unmatched pattern control and increased speech intelligibility.”
This installation also featured Danley’s Extreme Weather (EW) variant of the SBH20LF loudspeakers. EW loudspeakers utilize high-density, polyurethane panels that include fiberglass fibres to provide additional strength and are more impervious to harsh conditions like those found in an aquatic facility.
When asked about feedback from the new installation, Soldano stated: “Feedback has been very positive. In my role, I haven’t needed outdoor-rated speakers frequently, however with the success of this installation I’m already looking at other projects where we can use Danley EW loudspeakers.”

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