Bass player Dave Troke
b>UK - Better known for its use in the studio, the Audient USB AD/DA interface and monitoring system, iD22 has had its first few outings with new owner, bass player Dave Troke - on stage.

"Yes, the iD22 on stage is great," confirms Troke in a recent interview with Audient. "I play a lot of synth bass on pop gigs especially with Professor Green. I run a MacBook Pro with a flash drive, Logic X and a synth plugin called 'Massive' through the iD22, stereo out of the iD22 into a Ridge Farm Gas Cooker valve DI box to warm it all up. It sounds huge!! I love how simple the iD22 is to use, very stable."

Having worked with top acts including The Overtones, Sister Sledge, Bette Midler and Tony Christie, as well as English rapper Professor Green, Troke describes himself as "...very lucky to have worked with such a wide range of artists." Last year saw him adding other strings to his bow by taking up writing and producing. "I had a cut with an artist in Belgium," he explains. "I have a little set up at home. iMac, Focal CMS50 monitors and the iD22. It's amazing how much you can achieve with so little equipment, a bunch of plugins and a nice sounding room."

Another excellent reason for getting himself an Audient iD22: small and portable, it offers the same pres as Audient's flagship consoles, with additional ADC, transforming the DAW into a quality recording system. Troke hasn't been in the studio long enough to find this out, though. "It's all a little on hold at the minute as I've been touring so much since last year," he says. "When I get it back into the studio I'm going to go to town on it."

(Jim Evans)

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