Taiwan - MoMo TV, one of the biggest TV shopping channels in Taiwan, has recently relocated to a new production building owned by parent company Taiwan Mobile. As part of the move, the channel has added three DiGiCo SD8 consoles to its broadcast facilities.

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, MoMo TV is based in three new studios in the new facility at the Neihu Hi-tech Industry Park, Taipei. Each studio features a new DiGiCo SD8, installed as part of a comprehensive technical upgrade and replacing the channel's previous analogue consoles.

DiGiCo distributor Rightway Audio Consultants worked together with the local system integrator Acesonic Technology Co., Ltd. for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the new equipment.

"The SD8s deliver a much more efficient and powerful audio system than MoMo TV had previously," says Rightway's Alan Wong. "They offer plenty of digital I/O options, greatly improved sonic quality and are very easy to use. Their compact footprint is also ideal for broadcast studios, while the reliability of DiGiCo consoles is essential for 24/7 broadcasting."

(Claire Beeson)

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