Quantum852 includes a raft of eco credentials
UK - DiGiCo has announced the launch of ‘the next generation of large format live audio production mixing consoles’. Quantum852 delivers ‘a massive leap forward in processing power’. It is neatly packaged with 1000 nit LCD screens for full daylight operation and a newly designed worksurface, giving users the confidence that, true to the DiGiCo ethos, Quantum852 has been designed not just for now, but for the future, says the company.
Quantum852 also includes a raft of eco credentials. Its lightweight alloy construction reduces weight, which in turn helps mitigate its environmental impact during transportation. It has a reduced operating power, thermal cooling fans along with convection cooling and temperature dependent cooling. Further reducing Quantum852’s environmental footprint is the inclusion of sustainable and recyclable materials.
Quantum852’s tech spec is equally as impressive. Featuring fully redundant processing, each engine is powered by five of the latest seventh generation FPGAs and next generation SHARC DSP processors. Quantum852’s input count increases to 384 mono channels, with 192 aux / sub-group busses, plus the familiar LR / LCR / 5.1 master busses. It comes with a 64 x 64 processing matrix, 36 control groups, two solo busses and 64 FX rack slots. There are 48 graphic EQs, 384 nodal processors, 128 mustard processors and 32 spice racks.
“Quantum852 truly is a massive leap forward in every way,” says DiGiCo managing director, Austin Freshwater. “Whilst it is completely new in its design and construction, it is still instantly recognisable as a DiGiCo. Its familiar workflow will make any DiGiCo user instantly comfortable, but its tremendous increase in power and speed will delight them. After an incredible 15 years of impeccable service, the Quantum 7 finally has a console to look up to.”

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