The VX 3 video playback hardware solution was first revealed at ISE earlier this year
UK - Disguise has announced the public launch of its new VX 3 video playback hardware solution within its flagship VX range. First revealed at ISE earlier this year, the VX 3 features three 4K video outputs suitable for both projection and LED displays and the capability to handle both pre-rendered and real-time video playback from any third-party render engine.
With live events currently undergoing an ‘IMAX-ification’ effect through larger canvases, more pixels, higher content fidelity and greater bit depth, the VX 3 was built to ‘unlock unmatched power per output for mid to upper tier live shows, corporate presentations and immersive experiences, striking the perfect balance between performance and accessibility’.
The Benefits of VX 3 include support for both pre-rendered and real-time content and the ability to scale the video output capability without adding significant rack unit density as a result. It can run in the same network with other VX or GX machines. It also supports cluster rendering when used alongside multiple RX render nodes with RenderStream.

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