Christo Davis with Kyle Robson (DWR Distribution) and Alistair Kilbee (Gearhouse Splitbeam)
South Africa - The theatre audio workshop, with audio engineer Christo Davis, was held on 13 February at Gearhouse Splitbeam in Bez Valley, Johannesburg. The event, hosted by DWR Distribution, was an intimate session where Christo, who for the past 20 years has globe trotted and worked on a range of productions from the Blue Man Group to Jersey Boys before returning to South Africa, shared his knowledge with like-minded people.
“I was very excited and a little bit nervous at presenting my first workshop,” said Christo, who has worked almost exclusively on the DiGiCo Platform for the past decade. “Public speaking is not my strongest point, but I wanted to share my experiences, connect with the delegates, have an open and relaxed chat around the console and install a passion for theatre audio.”
He says that DiGiCo theatre software has been carefully designed with theatre in mind. “It simplifies your workflow and makes it a lot easier to program the show on the console and get around the console quickly and efficiently. It really is a powerful tool that I feel is difficult to do without, especially when working on theatre shows.”
The Theatre Audio Workshop was orchestrated by Kyle Robson from DWR Distribution. The relaxed session encouraged delegates to share experiences or ask questions. The 12 delegates attending the course, ranged from experienced audio engineers to representatives from theatres, rental companies, schools and freelancers. Alistair Kilbee from Gearhouse Splitbeam and his team hosted the event at their offices.
Christo ends, “I’ve been back in Cape Town for just over a year now and we are happy. I spent a lot of time travelling and touring and it’s lekker to be home. Thank you very much to everyone for taking the time to join the class.”
For those living in Cape Town, the theatre audio course with Christo is scheduled for 6 June.

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