The Elation lighting system allows the atmosphere in the lobby area to change subtly or dramatically
Portugal - Elation Professional's Portuguese partner, Apogeu, was chosen to provide a lighting and sound solution for Evolution Hotel in Lisbon and turned to Elation LED lighting products to dress the hotel's spacious lobby area in atmospheric colour and visual excitement.

Evolution Lisboa, part of the SANA Hotel group, is located in the central part of the city (Saldanha) and markets itself as a new generation of hotel. Relaxed and tech-savvy yet still upscale, the hotel clearly caters to young, active and independent urban professionals. Apogeu's client sought a dynamic lighting solution for the lobby that mirrored that spirited energy while depicting the hotel as cutting edge and modern.

Far from being a traditional hotel lobby, the spacious two-story space at Evolution includes a reception, lounge, restaurant, bar, relaxation and meeting spaces, and even a DJ booth. It's not meant as a space to simply pass through when going to and from your room but a place where guests can meet fellow travellers and socialize - have a drink, listen to music, surf the web.

Complementing the hotel's exterior urban art displays is an interior tastefully finished in white, which gives a lot of possibilities for color and graphics decoration. Lighting designer Cristovao Piloto of Apogeu chose an Elation LED lighting package of Satura Spot LED Pro, Rayzor Q12 and Platinum Spot LED II moving heads to add dynamic color and pattern to the space in the evening when guests are ready to socialize or just relax.

Completed in late February, Apogeu, part of the Stagecom/Avitel Group, was responsible for the lighting and sound design. Cristovao, who says that the choice of Elation products was his, selected fixtures in white housings to better blend in with the décor. He stated, "Elation not only has the type of equipment necessary for this type of project, the value for money is excellent as well. The client also liked the Elation products due to the power savings and easy maintenance benefits of LED. They also liked the nice design of the fixtures and the fact that they can project whatever colour they need. We have found the Elation lights to be very well built and easy to access for maintenance, for example the Satura Spots, which have an excellent zoom and a very simple gobo changing system."

Spread throughout both levels of the lobby area, the compact Rayzor Q12 Zoom's can provide everything from colourful wash/beam looks to stunning eye-candy effects while the Satura Spot LED Pro's and Platinum Spot LED II's can be used for several purposes - spot looks, colour washes, or splays of gobos - like the Evolution logo - across walls and floor.

Mounted within the lobby's DJ booth for an eye-catching graphical display is Elation Flex Pixel Tape, a cost effective solution for dynamic graphics, simple color washing, and pixel mapping possibilities that can easily be incorporated into any decor.

The Elation lighting system allows the atmosphere in the lobby area to change subtly or dramatically, expanding the uses of the space and giving guests another option to unwind and relax.

(Jim Evans)

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