Elodie shines with Chauvet from Zalight
Friday, 16 June 2023
elodie2Elodi plays Milan
Italy - On 12 May, super-model/actress Elodie performed before a capacity crowd at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago.
Contributing to the magic of the evening was a massive light show by Blearred, a lighting design studio with offices in London and Milan. Filling the venue with intense monochromatic colour palettes and bold videos fed to large LED walls, the design captivated fans as it drew them closer to Elodie’s personality and performance.
A lighting rig of international level dimensions and quality energised the show, which was produced by Vivo Concerti. At its centre were 68 Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M motorised strobes, exclusively distributed in Italy by Zalight.
Ivan Russo, technical project Manager from Blearred, comments: “We used the Color Strike M during the event in 24 channel mode. Of the 68 units, 40 were positioned vertically on ladders between the LED wall portions, while the remaining 28 units were used as backlighting and effects on a raised upstage catwalk. Their full colour wash, and white strobe functions gave the concert a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.”
Russo, who along with Davide Pedrotti, served as lighting designer of the show, credited the versatility of the Color STRIKE M with helping the team create a wide range of shades and colour combinations, which, in turn, helped to emphasise the energy and intensity of the show.
“We definitely will continue to explore the possibilities offered by the Color Strike M, as we are always looking for creative ways to deliver unforgettable and engaging shows to our audience,” concluded Russo. “The Strobe module was particularly striking. The double row of LEDs generated an extraordinary visual impact, perfect for the moments when a great energy was requested. The strobe effects helped create an immersive and dynamic experience for viewers, boosting the intensity of the show in the key cues.”

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