SurgeX will demonstrate Envision at Stand 7-T200 at the 2016 Integrated Systems Europe Show.
The Netherlands - ESP/SurgeX will showcase Envision, a power diagnostics system that measures and records power conditions and presents detailed data in live or date-stamped reports at ISE 2016.

Envision provides energy data that can be used to accurately identify the source of common electrical issues the first time around, saving money for the consumer as well as time and resources for the integrator and electrician by preventing unnecessary services or repairs.

Available in both a 230 volt / 10 amp (EV-23010 IC) and 230 volt / 16 amp (EV-23016 IC) configuration, Envision features real-time diagnostic software and an integrated scope meter to better aid integrators on site.

The ESP/SurgeX Envision is a practical, powerful solution that integrators can deploy in both proactive and reactive scenarios. Envision can be used during pre-installation as an "electricity health meter" to proactively identify and fix pre-existing power issues before any equipment is installed. From there, a clean bill of electrical health has the benefit of prolonging equipment lifespans and reducing the potential for power-related disruptions.

Should the integrator leave Envision onsite, it can analyze and record power anomalies in real-time, and provide power management functionality. For extended monitoring, the ESP/SurgeX Remote Portal can be used in conjunction with Envision to offer convenient 24/7 recording of all power conditions, so that issues can be reviewed and fixed without a site visit.

To mitigate downtime and disturbances, Envision constantly measures power data, including: line-neutral voltage, neutral-ground voltage, amperage, crest factor, power factor, line frequency and energy usage. A scope meter provides real-time analysis of power-related events to easily identify problems and trends. Envision also records the specific time and date of over/under voltages, surges, power outages and shut-offs, and presents the data via the live interface or downloadable reports.

"For installation projects both domestic and international, access to reliable information and data can be an integrator's best tool to solve a problem," said Shannon Townley, president, SurgeX. "Envision is our answer to integrators who've expressed their need for a solution that can identify problems as they happen on or off-site so those issues can be resolved quickly, and efficiently."

(Jim Evans)

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