The beams create a multi-dimensional image over the dance floor
USA - Virtually every new club lighting project has its own challenges, whether they involve dealing with limited power draw or trying to accommodate some unusual architectural limitation. For Jay Krause of Sound and Lighting Solutions, the biggest challenge when working on the city's Hunter's nightclub was getting the 10 Rogue fixtures his client wanted in fast enough.

"As soon as our client saw demos of the Rogue R1 Spot and R1 Beam, they fell in love with the fixtures," said Krause. "They wanted them yesterday. They were super excited, because they saw what the Rogues can do in a bi-level club - which is create added depth plus all of these magical uplifting images in the air."

There are six Rogue R1 Spots and four Rogue R1 Beams in Krause's rig at the club. He positioned the beams midway between the first and second levels. "They sort of hang out over the dance floor, which allows them to reach most everywhere in the club," said Krause.

The beams also create a multi-dimensional image over the dance floor, thanks to the layering that can be achieved with their split prism feature. "I love the two prisms on the Rogue 1 Beams," said Krause. "They are just unreal! When you stack them, they look ridiculous and I mean that of course in a very, very positive way. I've not seen another light that can do this - plus crowds love the way they look."

For rich mid-air and mid dance floor imagery, Krause relies on the Rogue R1 Spot fixture. Like the Rogue R1 Beams, the spot fixtures are positioned between the two levels and aimed at a giant mirror ball. The intense output and beam shaping capabilities of this fixture allow it to create some mind tingling images that fill the entire area over the dance floor when they hit the massive mirror ball.

"It's really a very impactful image that adds to your sense of excitement no matter where you are in the room," said Krause. "We run everything with a Martin Light Jockey controller, because it helps us accentuate the speed of our fixtures, which tends to sweep people up."

In addition to being a dance club, Hunter's draws crowds with a series of specials like country and western dancing, karaoke, a cabaret and a range of different events. "The colour rendering capabilities of the Rogue fixtures and their wide range of gobo options make them well suited for the club's varied menu of activities.

"We've created just about every colour imaginable with the Rogues," said Krause. "The club changes so often with different themes. The Rogues help it keep up by creating different looks. Our client thinks the Rogues are fantastic."

(Jim Evans)

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