Founder acquires ownership of VUE Audiotechnik
Monday, 1 February 2021
von-keitzMichael von Keitz established his first speaker company in 1980
USA - Michael von Keitz has acquired 100% ownership of the loudspeaker company VUE Audiotechnik he co-founded in 2012.
Says a statement, “The integration of the entire value-added chain with the group’s significant engineering and manufacturing resources will drive the pace of growth of the brand’s renowned range of industry leading products and technologies. Customers will enjoy a greater competitiveness, a quicker time to market and an early extension of the product portfolio into installed applications. The integration of the sales and marketing departments will lead to greatly enhanced communications and increase the quality of customer support.”
The brands now combined under one roof include VUE Audiotechnik, SE Audiotechnik and the high-fidelity product line mivoc. As part of that family Vue will enjoy “enhanced production capacities, larger R&D teams and more efficient logistics”.
One of the most immediate benefits of this process will be the launching of the new domain,
Michael von Keitz established his first speaker company in Solingen, Germany in 1980.
“The huge potential of an absolute high-end brand such as VUE was always clear to me.” said von Keitz. “The synergy of bringing together all our resources under one organization will allow us to better meet customer needs without any compromise.”

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