The Bel Digital MADI Monitor played an integral part in the smooth running of a vast MADI network
Australia - Gearhouse Broadcast provided a complete broadcast system for the 2015 Australian Open, with its newly purchased Bel Digital MADI Monitor playing an integral part in the smooth running of a vast MADI network.

Held in Melbourne Park from 19 January to 1 February, the Australian Open is the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year. It sees all the major players, with Serbia's Novak Djokovic playing against the UK's Andy Murray in the final to win this key title in the tennis calendar.

Gearhouse Broadcast purchased the Bel Digital BM-A2-64MADI MADI Monitor to provide assistance with the installation and smooth running of nine networked audio consoles and associated stage boxes, which were connected via a central MADI router.

Crucially, the MADI Monitor was used extensively during configuration and setup of the system prior to the event, allowing the Gearhouse team to check the quality of the large number of MADI streams installed. With its ability to analyse the status information within the MADI streams, it quickly helped in identifying any potential issues before they became a problem. This provided the Gearhouse team with a great amount of confidence.

"We provided our customers with a very resilient audio network for the Australian Open," says Gearhouse COO Kevin Moorhouse. "The Bel MADI Monitor fulfilled its purpose well within our MCR area."

During the event, the MADI Monitor was located in the Central Engineering Office and connected back to the central audio router. Throughout the tournament, it was again used as a confidence monitor to check the audio content of the MADI streams

"Bel's MADI Monitor provided two very critical and different functions prior to and during the Australian Open," says Bel Digital's Barry Revels. "This is something no other unit is capable of doing."

Gearhouse also deployed over 40 Bel Digital 1U BM-A1-2SHD and eight of the new BM-A1-16SHD audio monitors, to provide reliable and easy-to-use audio confidence monitoring throughout the broadcast facility.

(Jim Evans)

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