The AIW26B is simple to install, and can be used in even the most demanding of applications
Finland - Genelec has announced the launch of its latest in-wall loudspeaker system, the AIW26B, which offers low distortion and neutral sound reproduction. This update of the popular AIW26 features a new frameless enclosure grille, ensuring the loudspeaker can elegantly blend into almost any environment. Its precision design provides superior bass reproduction as well as precise mid and high frequencies imaging for state-of-the art audio installations.

"The AIW26B is a continuation of the fantastic work that we have done with our active in-wall loudspeaker systems," says Sami Mäkinen, AV installation systems business manager at Genelec. "This hugely impressive system has a wide variety of applications, and would be ideal for installation in a home theatre, a restaurant, art gallery, or a variety of commercial applications. With its frameless design, the new enclosure grille is able to blend into any environment by neatly concealing the cabinet. As with all Genelec products, a key feature is its precise, neutral acoustic response, which is what people come to expect from us."

The AIW26B consists of a bass reflex two-way loudspeaker enclosure and a matched remote amplifier module RAM1.

The AIW26B is simple to install, and can be used in even the most demanding of applications, such as the main L-C-R array of a home theatre system, critical stereo listening or rear/side channels of a large, state of the art home theatre.

(Jim Evans)

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