The new software release features new functionalities
Europe - MA Lighting has released grandMA3 software version This software release features new functionalities and workflow improvements for many different applications.
The area of data handling and organization shows’ lots of improvements’. Sheets can be filtered and reorganised to create a personal workspace. The transfer of fixture data gets much easier with the new Clone window. Working in big sequences with a lot of data is now improved by the use of new tracking functionalities. And the new Fixture Type Presets allow the user to easily transfer predefined content from show to show.
The MA University with the grandMA3 special course v2.0 presents detailed information about the new software release - online and completely for free. Additionally there is an update to the grandMA3 User Training and a new grandMA3 Essentials Training available. Local MA distributors will help to get access to the MA E-learning platform.
MA Lighting is offering grandMA3 v2.0 public webinars in April, presented by the MA Lighting tech-support.

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