UK - Green Hippo has two new interns who recently started to work with the company for the forthcoming year.

Over that last two years we have had two very successful Product Design internships within our Product Department, so continuing on the streak we have new intern Bella Reid, also from Brunel University, just like her two predecessors.

Bella Reid is studying Industrial Design and Technology at Brunel and has already completed the first two years of this tough degree. Bella explains: "I chose this course because it encompasses everything I love and am passionate about into a technically grounded and well rounded set of skills from drawing, graphics and practical work to programming, engineering, applied physics and human studies. You become a jack of all trades in some senses. And I decided on Green Hippo for a placement because of the family vibes. I felt I would actually be considered here instead of being forgotten in a massive company, or given remedial tasks. I thought I'd be valued as an intern for my work and so far that has proven correct."

Bella is spending two months in the marketing department putting her graphic design skills to the test before joining the Product Department and concentrating on product design and technology tasks.

The last couple of years have also seen consecutive interns within our R&D Department and keeping with this tradition Aleks Ivanov has just joined the team as their latest intern. Originally from Bulgaria, Aleks began formally studying computing at Newham College and City University after moving to London about four years ago. "From a very early age I was interested in science and computers. I started programming around the age of 13, after I stumbled upon a CD with Delphi 7 on it (which was the first programming language I learnt). I was working on small personal projects and spent my time experimenting for several years."

On his reason for interning at Green Hippo Aleks explains: "I chose Green Hippo because it's one of the leading companies in media servers, which relies on innovation to improve the industry and help its customers achieve great results. It also provides a great working environment with friendly colleagues and incredible people from various professional backgrounds."

(Jim Evans)

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