This new concept "contains the essence of Ibiza"
Spain - The Project, started by the renowned chefs Ferrán and Albert Adriá, with Guy Laliberté, creator of Cirque du Soleil, opened its doors on 30 June, offering a trip around the arts, amazing performances and gastronomy under the powerful light provided by multiple devices from Clay Paky, distributed by Stonex.

After some months of preparation, Heart Ibiza was inaugurated to the delight of the attendees with its modern art and creative cuisine. This new concept, containing the essence of Ibiza, counted on Clay Paky devices to illuminate the space. Mythos, A.leda B-EYE K10 and Alpha Profile 800 shone at the Ibiza night.

The project created by the Adriá brothers and Guy Laliberté is a revolutionary idea composed by the essence of Ibiza, art, music and cuisine.

Heart Ibiza offers three different experiences. Terrace, where Street Food, with hippie-chic style joins with all the essence and flavour of the Adriá brothers. The visitors can enjoy and interact with the art, tastes and food, offering an unique experience. Supper, where different world flavours are proposed with a mise-en-scène, colliding with music and art. And finally, Club, where Ibiza's night can be found in all its glory, offering avant-garde live music, legendary bands or new groups.

With the collaboration of Philippe Vanderheeren, as the lighting designer and Quini Mostaza, Technical Director of Fluge Audiovisuales, in charge of the project's setup. At the same time, Nacho Ortega, production director of Heart Ibiza and José Corraliza, director at Felicitat Entretenimiento, trusted on the participation of Stonex and Clay Paky on this project, where innovation is the key.

(Jim Evans)

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