Heidecksburg Castle goes green with Elation
Wednesday, 9 May 2018
heidecksburg-castlest-patricks-day1Heidecksburg castle goes green on St Patrick’s Day (photo: Tommy Pekruhl)
Germany - For St Patrick's Day celebrations in Rudolstadt, Germany, event technology service provider LB-TEC was tasked with illuminating the famous Heidecksburg castle in the Irish national colour of green and chose powerful Elation Professional Paladin lighting fixtures for the job.
LB-TEC has illuminated the city’s residential palace for years and has always used a large amount of LED washes, fixtures that had to be installed with cumbersome weatherproof protection. This solution was not only relatively expensive but also very time consuming. For the St. Patrick’s Day illumination, the company opted for a more practical solution and invested in eight Elation IP65-rated Paladin wash/blinder/strobe lights.
"We chose Elation's Paladin because it's a weatherproof light with high output and attractive zoom range. On top of that, the price/performance ratio was convincing," explains LB-TEC owner Volker Schmidt. “In the future, we will use the units primarily for ambient lighting in outdoor areas, for effect lighting on stages and, as in the case of Heidecksburg, for barrel lighting at a great distance."
LB-TEC was able to illuminate the entire city-side façade of the castle with only eight units, covering the entire facade in green. Setting up the fixtures and adjusting the zoom took only a few minutes. The Paladins were placed about 200 meters away from the façade and although it was lit exclusively in green - so only 25% of the power was available - the building was intensively soaked in colour.
(Jim Evans)

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