The new ByB Boost your Booth System from HOF
Europe - The new ByB Boost your Booth System from HOF is designed for exhibition booth construction, showrooms as well as stores or shops with high demands on appearance and flexibility.
The assembly of the ByB Boost your Booth System is ‘very easy and fast and can be done by two people’.
Lighting technology and other equipment such as screens or advertising banners can be positioned flexibly and precisely.
The ByB Boost your Booth system offers space-saving transportation. An exhibition booth of 5x5m, for example, can be easily transported in an estate car.
The square pipes are hollow and can be used to run cables invisibly through the pipes. The head has a rear cable exit. Catalogues or a laptop can be placed on a storage table and cables required can also be run invisibly through the hollow square pipes from the storage table.
The grid system consists of the HOF 200-2 Grid Truss which is available in different lengths from 500mm to 5000mm in 500mm steps.
The legs are also available in different lengths. They are available in 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 2000mm lengths and are connected together as a plug-in system.
The legs are powder-coated light grey and the grid is black. Other colours are possible.

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