HUB has established itself as a key player in the Hungarian events industry

Europe - CAST Group of Companies has announced HUB (formerly KulTechDesign) as the exclusive distributor of BlackTrax in Hungary.

“What initially attracted us to BlackTrax was its ability to create tightly integrated designs and experiences, where the technology blends seamlessly into the background, facilitating a fully immersive and responsive environment where the audience and performers' focus remains in the creative realm. Its outside-in tracking and simple integration with lighting consoles added another level of excellence, which is incredible to witness,” says Peter Perjési, co-founder of HUB.

“BlackTrax is readily available for clients, and since hosting demos at our facility, the technology has already been used in two concerts, opening new perspectives for attendees and birthing fresh creative ideas for clients.”

HUB has firmly established itself as a key player in introducing cutting-edge technology to the Hungarian events industry. Collectively, the team brings considerable expertise to the table, including its experience supporting the NBA’s All-Star Games, where BlackTrax was used to track and enable interaction for both players and performers with the content displayed on the LED Basketball court.

As an experienced tracking expert, HUB's Istvan Fazekas was invited to lead the system setup onsite at Lucas Oil Stadium, calibrate the space, and support the operation of the system throughout the event, thus providing valuable experience to influence further client projects.

“We couldn’t wait to become a distributor of BlackTrax and are already enjoying the journey of introducing BlackTrax to many of our clients in the region,” says Fazekas. “Our mission has always been to push the boundaries of creativity and to provide clients with new, exciting technologies that would transform their productions into something exceptional. With BlackTrax, we see an incredible opportunity to further elevate the standard of live events in Hungary.”

In March, HUB also deployed BlackTrax to two concerts at the MVM Dome in Budapest, the first supporting an artist's first large-scale performance, and the subsequent concert headlined Hungary's most prominent singers. “There’s no denying that we achieved remarkable results following these projects,” says Peter Perjési. “The second concert was a huge step for us where we used the biggest BlackTrax server to date.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome HUB as a distributor of BlackTrax in a new region, Hungary,” says Dekkar Densham, sales manager, CAST Group of Companies. “Since first meeting with the team, it’s clear that HUB shares our same passion for innovation and excellence within the industry.”

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