Future Menus 2023 ran over five venues at Unilever’s head office in Durban
South Africa - Future Menus 2023 by Unilever was recently held in Durban where top chefs from around the world encouraged local chefs, restaurants, and hotels with ideas to create modern comfort foods to boost the use of wild and pure foods, incorporate mindful proteins when cooking and to create low waste menus.
Insane Sound was commissioned by experiential company Matriarch to supply both the full technical, which included the use of their new Absen Neptune NT 2.9 Lite series screen, as well as the manufacture and installation of the complete set.
For Vimal Rawjee, who started Insane Sound in 2004, business has always been about a personal commitment; to go the extra mile and to offer professional equipment with quality in mind. The Covid-19 pandemic put a major strain on his company when the live events industry took a large knock, and soon after, Insane Sound’s warehouse burnt to the ground during the 2021 South African unrest, also known as the July 2021 riots.
Future Menus 2023 ran over five venues at Unilever’s head office in Durban consisting of four activation areas and a main hub. “My greatest highlight was the actual set which we made from scratch,” Vimal enthuses. “We did everything from printing all the branding to making the flower boxes. Equally important was having the opportunity to use our new Absen NT 2.9 Lite panels. We used the curved screen, 8m wide by 2.5 m high, to create a submerssive experience in one of the rooms.”
The screen was a head turner. The NT series was born to create a big stage. The large panels are bright to create a superior visual performance and have a high refresh rate. Featuring a durable curve locking system, the NT series supports concave and convex connections to create various shapes and build a more creative stage.
While Health and safety was a priority for the event, Vimal's safety file and crew members were compliant and up to date. They also adhered to the demanding eight-hour setup time constraint.
Says Vimal, “Covid and the looting had a huge impact on me and my crew, but that said, we choose to focus on the positive side of the experience. We have adapted our business strategy so that if we ever had to find ourselves in that situation, we would be better prepared.
“Secondly, we do all that we can at 110% while limiting the hours worked, limiting the equipment, and using what we have to stay in our lane. We will grow again but on our terms and not dictated to by what is really a tough market. My priorities have changed and we find ourselves in a better space with more energy and a positive outlook not only for business but for life. We have proven to be very resilient and we have adapted.”

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