The Netherlands - Swiss digital signage software specialist Navori Labs will unveil a series of new QL digital signage engine features at two upcoming trade shows aimed at simplifying how network operators and end users manage content scheduling and advertising. The company will demonstrate these new features at ISE 2016 and Digital Signage Expo (March 16-17, Las Vegas).

To enhance content scheduling, Navori Labs has added advanced meta tagging and condition-based playback to its QL Manager software. This cross-group content routing logic lets users assign tags to content and players, which ensures that players only deliver content that matches their assigned tags.

In larger multi-site networks, the use of meta tags (profile, square footage, opt-in, etc.) allows operators to push out targeted content according to each location's profile. This eliminates the need to create and manage an overly complex multi-level player structure. In the example of a retail store chain, content can be assigned to stores based on a wide array of criteria, including store size and product range. Similar criteria can be assigned to a multi-site hospitality network, such as a large hotel chain.

"The option to use meta tags and rules-based programming essentially allows for the delivery of more sophisticated content scheduling per screen or location," said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. "This is ideal in digital out-of-home networks where a majority of content is tied to a specific context."

On the advertising side, Navori Labs will introduce a new QL Player add-on specifically designed for advertising-supported digital signage networks. The new player add-on will allow QL customers to rely on the same software for all advertising and non-advertising needs, as opposed to requiring a separate application to manage ad bookings, schedule spots and send pre- and post-playback reports to advertisers. Additional benefits include the freedom easily control and restrict access to users across the network in alignment with operational needs.

"Advertising network operators have long appreciated QL's native player quality, and the breadth of the software's features for multi-layer, multi-zone and titling applications," said Moeri. "This new enhancement clearly improves user management and advertising airtime control across networks of any size, allowing users to manage dynamic ad campaigns with an intuitive and user-friendly interface."

(Jim Evans)

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