‘LED Studio is on a mission to eradicate throwaway culture’
Spain - LED Studio is expanding its EDGE series with the launch of the 54” EDGE Pro and 65” EDGE at ISE. The single die-cast cabinets are designed as a direct replacement for popular videowall LCD panels, offering increased sustainability with up to 40% energy saving vs LCD, as well as simplified installation and operation to make large scale LED applications more accessible.
LED Studio is on a mission to eradicate throwaway culture with its proprietary V1 Architecture within its EDGE series. This cabinet infrastructure allows for the pixel technologies to evolve as technology progresses, with options for Flip Chip High Bright Common Cathode and traditional SMD and the latest addition to the pixel offerings Chip on Board (COB), says the company. During the upgrade, only 30% of the display undergoes replacement, preserving the remaining 70% in its original state. This approach reduces waste, enables accurate forecasts for future technology developments and maximises ROI.
The addition of a Common Cathode driven pixels further enhances the EDGE Series sustainability credentials, making the 54” EDGE Pro a smarter and more eco-friendly choice for top tier fine pitch LED display applications. LED Studio has ambitions to bring the benefits of COB to the 65” model later in 2024.
The 54” EDGE Pro represents a significant advancement in the EDGE Series, featuring the innovative COB MicroLED pixel technology. This new addition offers substantial energy-saving benefits compared to the conventional SMD pixel. Users will experience an impressive reduction in energy consumption, with savings of up to 40% compared to SMD pixels of the same pixel pitch and brightness.
The 54” EDGE Pro uses four times fewer internal components compared to traditional LED display 600x337.5mm cabinets. In addition to its energy-saving properties, it also reduces the amount of raw materials used during the manufacturing process, further adding to its eco-friendly credentials.
The 65” EDGE is designed to reduce install time and complexity. A 1.5mm display delivers 1080p at 130” in a simple 2x2 cabinet array, 4K at 260” and 8K at 521”.
All EDGE models offer two mounting methods, allowing them to be installed directly onto a load-bearing wall or hung on standard VESA mounts and existing LCD display infrastructure, speeding up installation.
Rob Bint, CEO at LED Studio says: “Enhancing sustainability and removing the complexity associated with LED display installations is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to present an LED display with the option to choose from three advanced manufacturing technologies and various pixel pitches is a massive evolution in the LED industry. It is a significant turning point in a move towards a more sustainable display industry by protecting initial investments, reducing waste and supporting technology progression.
“The EDGE series is ideal for companies looking to make a genuine ESG commitment and replace dated and power-hungry LCD screens with a display that offers visual benefits and is intuitive and easy to use.”

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