Live demos are being staged in the TT+ Demo Room
Spain - At ISE 2024, TT+ Audio is putting the spotlight on the new GTX Line Array System.
Unlike previous TT+ Audio products, the new GTX system separates the power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, relocating it to newly designed touring racks. Each rack accommodates up to three RCF XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers and seamlessly integrates the externally-powered GTX system with self-powered TT+ modules all controlled by the RDNet management platform.
TT+ Audio's newly developed Precision Transducers, used in all GTX models, incorporate advanced motor structures, multi-layer voice coils, and oversized magnets for high performance and extreme power handling. Proprietary waveguides provide precision coverage for the wide-range compression drivers. The GTS 19 subwoofer, designed for extremely fast acceleration, boasts two 48 cm (19") cone drivers, each with a safe peak-to-peak excursion of 56 mm (2.2”). The XPS 16K amplifier delivers 16,000 watts of low-distortion continuous power with massive dynamic headroom and proprietary performance-shaping algorithms.
GTX models include the GTX 12 three-way line array module, GTX 10 two-way line array module, and GTS 29 high-performance dual 19" subwoofer. Rugged GTX enclosures consist of waterproof birch plywood coated with a durable polyurea finish. Optimised rigging hardware offers touring and installation crews fast, efficient setup when suspended or stacked, with anti-rattle locks and a unique captive hinge bar mechanism that slips into position when set in tension or compression mode. Live demos are being staged in the TT+ Demo Room, Hall 8-A2.
ISE attendees can also preview the new RDNet management platform and, Shape D3D simulation software. RDNet 5.0, comes with the new design, modeling, and simulation package Shape D3D which allows users to define a 3D representation of a venue and use multiple virtual microphones or check IR-modelled measurements of the simulated system response. RDNet then imports data from Shape D3D to generate control and provide full configuration details to the system.
While the GTX line array system takes the spotlight, TT+ Audio‘s second-generation TTL 4-A II, its TT 515-A and TT 808-AS will also feature in Barcelona.

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