‘An evening with Kansas is a magical experience’
USA - Classic rock band Kansas is extending The 50th Anniversary Tour into 2024, commemorating their first year as a band. With the release of their newest box set, Another Fork in the Road, Kansas is bringing even more song selections to their performances, including some deep cuts fans haven’t heard live in decades.
“Kansas is a legendary act and Bandit is honoured to be a part of the team,” said Bandit Lites chair Michael T. Strickland. “Phil Ehart and I are good friends and that adds a great layer to the relationship. An evening with Kansas is a magical experience and their music leaves everyone amazed.”
Lighting designer Scott Pearson has spent a decade working with Kansas, giving him a keen awareness to the band’s preferences and style of performing. The backdrop of every performance features UV elements, making the lighting even more integral. An Antari DarkFX Wash 2000 LED unit is placed at the foot of six towers that are in turn topped with a Martin MAC Viper. Elation Sixpar 100s tone the set and the towers.
“As far as programming goes, I let the music obviously dictate that,” Pearson explained. “Kansas’s music is extremely dynamic and complex; songs are rather long, a lot of the time, and what I thought a song would look like comes out completely different by the end of the process.”
Bandit also provided Elation DTW Blinders and GLP X4, a fixture that has endeared itself to both the designer and the members of the band.
“I really like the GLP X4,” said Pearson. “It has beautiful congo and pure white. I use my downstage fixtures as overall washes, but also for solo pickups. That’s when that pure white really stands out. I love that fixture and so do the members of Kansas.
Bandit’s partnership with Kansas has flourished for years, and Pearson imparted that the production feels the support from the road. “If there should there be an issue while on the show site, Matt King or Mike Stanley will always pick up and help,” he said. “The support is second to none. Even emergency shipping a hazer! I definitely feel they have our back.”
“Scott and Chad Singer are a breeze to work with, they make it easy to carry on and keep the gear rolling down the road,” said Stanley. “We’re extremely proud that we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this Kansas milestone.”

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