The new SwissLas PM-10.000RGB laser
Switzerland - Laserworld has introduced the new SwissLas PM-10.000RGB laser - a 10W RGB laser show system in an enclosure, not much bigger than a hand.

SwissLas was able to step up the power levels they could build into their compact Pure Micro housing from 5.7W over 8.2W and now to a spectacular 10W RGB white light power. This became possible due to recent developments in laser diode technology and a more compact way in which SwissLas combines the single sources inside the housing.

The PM-10.000RGB has a beam diameter of ca. 4mm and an average divergence of 1mrad. Due to the professional Pangolin ScannerMax 506 scanner system, it is fully graphics capable. Scanning speeds at >35kpps@8° ILDA. For even more performance an optional upgrade to CS-6210HP scanners is offered.

With a size of only 185x165x125mm, the Pure Micro housing is extremely small. Nevertheless it is dust-proof, and as there is no airflow inside the housing, the laser is nearly maintenance free, says the company.

(Jim Evans)

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