PowerBase Gym at Loughborough University
UK - PowerBase Gym within Loughborough University has undergone an extensive multi-million-pound upgrade, transforming the facility an impressive strength and conditioning environment. Now boasting 3,200m² of training space, the gym caters to both professional athletes and students seeking top-tier fitness facilities.
Recognising the crucial role audio plays in creating an immersive and motivating fitness environment, the university made a strategic investment in audio equipment for the Powerbase Gym. Partnering with audio visual integrator GVAV, in collaboration with Audiologic and the on-site AV team, the gym now showcases a comprehensive audio solution that enhances the overall workout experience.
The university has a longstanding relationship with Ecler, widely deploying their innovative audio solutions across campus facilities, including teaching spaces and sports facilities. Ecler strikes a balance between performance and return on investment, making it the natural choice for the PowerBase Gym installation.
Ben Spurgeon, technical manager at Audiologic led the design of the system, commenting “Designing an audio system for such an expansive space came with unique challenges, and acoustics played a crucial role in the meticulous planning process. Given the gym's high ceilings, reflective surfaces, and limited mounting locations, the decision was made to implement a surface-mount distributed system. This choice was complemented by straightforward control interfaces, ensuring user-friendly operation.”
The installed system includes an Ecler HUB1616 Digital audio zoner, Ecler eMPAGE Digital paging station, 14 x Ecler AUDEO 106WH Loudspeakers, two pairs of Ecler IC6 Ceiling Speakers and Ecler eHSA Amplifiers.
The Ecler AUDEO 106 loudspeakers are suited to this installation, featuring a 6.5” woofer in a balanced and innovatively designed cabinet with excellent sound quality.
Aaron Turlington-Smith, AV manager at Loughborough University concludes, “We are delighted with the quality of the finished project, the audio upgrade at PowerBase Gym not only aligns with the University's commitment to providing world-class facilities but also enhances the overall atmosphere for our athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The Ecler audio system ensures that every workout is accompanied by premium sound quality, further motivating and inspiring individuals to achieve their fitness goals.”

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